Amazing point to point trekking across highest range of Sudetes

6 days of walking on plateaus and along valleys as well as wandering through dense mountain forests and wetlands. We will go uphill, trek on the main ridges and descend to picturesque mountain villages, located on the Polish and Czech sides of the mountains. On the way we will also see places associated with the history of these mountains. We will reach Sniezka, the highest peak of the Sudetes,¬ and visit a small chapel located on its top. The chapel was founded by a German count Christophe Schaffgotch in 1655. Today, every year on 10th August, all the “people of the mountains”, such as: mountain guides, mountain rescuers and border guards, gather there to celebrate their Day. We will also visit the Wang temple, which was constructed in Norway in the twelfth century. In 1841, the temple was dismantled and transported to Berlin before finally finding its place in our mountains in 1842. Nowadays this excellent example of Norwegian wooden sacral architecture can be admired in the middle of the Sudety Mountains. We will also be able to see the relics of mines from the fifteenth century (an optional visit to the underground routes is available) and an old water supply system, which provided water to the nearby mountain huts. The whole trip combines what’s best in the Sudetes and hiking: the diversity and charm of the nature, great views, interesting monuments, and the feeling of “pleasant tiredness” after physical activity in charming surroundings.

Trip info

Destination: Sudetes Mountains, Poland & Czech Republic
Best time: June, July, August, September, October
Duration: 8 days
Profile: hikes into the higher and lower parts of the mountains. 6-8 hours of activities per day including meal breaks and rest.
Activity level: moderate to though. Routes vary –  sometime narrow and exposed; located at 600-1400 meters above sea level (1,740 – 4,590 feet). Generally good paths but some rocky, stony terrain or wetland. First day trek easy/moderate, second day moderate/challenging , third day moderate/challenging, fourth day moderate, fifth day moderate. We can adjust the activity level according to the wishes/skills of the participants.
Accommodation: Twin/DBL rooms in 3 star hotel
Board: HB (other board type on request)
Group size: 6 – 30 people
Clothing: in addition to the usual holiday clothing you must take: sports footwear with thick soles, trekking boots, comfortable clothing, wind and rain resistant jacket, warm jumper or sweater and, just in case, hat and gloves, sun glasses. Trekking poles would be very helpful.
Price includes: transfers from and to the airport, local transportation, assistance of our representative from arrival to departure, mountain guiding service during trek, luggage transport during trekking,  accommodation in Twin/DBL rooms in 3 star guesthouses and hotel, full board, mineral water and isotonic drinks during treks, medical expenses and accident insurance, entry fees to National Park.
Price excludes: flights, local tips, optional excursions/activities/meals/beverages


Day 1
Arrival at Wroclaw airport where our representative will greet you; transfer to the hotel located in a mountain town Swieradow on the Polish side of the  Sudetes Mountains; check-in; welcome and info meeting, free time. Transfer time around 2 hours (depends on traffic conditions).

Day 2
Trek from Świeradów Zdrój to Jakuszyce, a small Polish village located on Poland’s border with the Czech Republic.
Total time: 7 hr. including meal breaks and rest.
Altitude: starting point – 550 m, highest point – 1020 m, final point – 920 m.
Overall route length: 17 km.
After breakfast, we take a blue trail and go to Polana Jizerska. We turn to an old path called Droga Graniczna, and after 3 to 4 km we reach the Droga Borowinowa trail, which runs along some bogs. After about 5 km, we get to the Hala Izerska and the Hatka Górzystów mountain lodge, where we will have lunch. After a break, we switch to the red trail that leads across a plateau, and along the Jizera River. On our way, we will pass by Orle, an old mountain settlement, and all the time following the red trial go through dense forests until we reach Jakuszyce – the end of today’s stage. We check in, have dinner, a briefing, and free time.

Day 3
Trek from a small Polish village Jakuszyce to Spindlerovy Mlyn, a charming Czech mountain town.
Total time: 8 hrs. including meal breaks and rest.
Altitude: starting point – 920 m, highest point – 1410 m, final point – 710 m.
Overall route length: 19 km.
We set out from our guesthouse after breakfast and trek along a trail which leads through wild, scenic forests, wetlands, plateaus and a ridge with exquisite views. After a smooth ascent, we take a rest in Hala Szrenicka, a mountain hostel. Then we cross the border through Twarożnik, an over 12 meters high granite rock. From there, we go to the source of the Elba river, one of the major rivers in Europe. We wander down through Labsky Dul to Spindlerovy Mlyn, a well-known and charming mountain town. On our way, we will pass by beautiful waterfalls, and amazing rock formations. After the trip, we check in, have dinner and a briefing.

Day 4
Trek from Spindlerovy Mlyn to Pec pod Sniezkou
Total time: 7 hrs.  including meal breaks and rest.
Altitude: starting point – 710 m, highest point – 1510 m, final point  – 760 m.
Overall route length: 11 km
We set out after breakfast and climb the Krakonos peak, from where we follow the Old Bucharova path, to get to Lucni Bouda, a mountain hostel, where take a rest, have a meal, and enjoy fantastic panoramic views and open spaces. Than we will follow red trail which leads through Vyrovka  and Bila Skala. After that we will get green trail which leads to Pec, our today’s destination. After the trip, we check in, have dinner, and some free time.

Day 5
Trek from Pec pod Sniezkou to Karpacz, a mountain town located on the Polish side of the mountains.
Total time: 7 hrs.  including meal breaks and rest.
Altitude: starting point – 760 m, highest point – 1450 m, final point  – 810 m.
Overall route length: 12 km.
We walk on a trail which leads above Upska Jama and Obri Dul – with a view of approx. 400 meters high precipices. Once we get to the eastern wall of Upska Jama, we start to climb on to main ridge. On our way we will pass by some relics of fifteenth century mines (there is an optional visit to the underground routes if available). Then we will walk to Rownia pod Sniezką and trek above Maly and Wielki Staw (two beautiful mountain ponds). From there we descend smoothly to the boundaries of Karpacz, a beautiful Polish mountain town, and stop at Wang, a twelfth century Lutheran temple. After a rest and an optional visit to the temple, we walk down to the hotel. We check in, have dinner, a briefing, and some free time.

Day 6
Trek on to Sniezka Peak
Total walk time: 8hrs  including meal breaks and rest.
Altitude: starting point – 810m, highest point 1602m, final point  – 810m.
Overall route length: 14km.
After breakfast, direct from hotel, we get red trail which leads onto the peak Sniezka. First stage is a gentle ascent on forest route. After about one hour we reach mountain lodge Nad Lomniczka. Then we gently descend to the bottom of the Lomniczka Cirque. Once we pass the creek, we start  a steep climb onto  main ridge.  On the ridge there is another mountain hut and viewer point so we can get a rest before last stage of the climb on the highest peak Sniezka. After reaching the top and rest, we go to back to hotel in Karpacz getting completely different route through  Maly Staw Cirque.

Day 7
Round walk from the hotel to the Saint Anna’s Chapel and Good Spring and back
Total walking time: 5 hrs. including meal breaks and rest.
Altitude: starting point – 810 m, final point – 810 m.
Overall route length: 13 km.
After breakfast, we take a green and then a red trail, which lead through a hilly area, to a chapel located in the middle of a forest. There is a beautiful viewpoint there, and under the chapel, there is a source of a mountain creek. Legend has it that its waters have extraordinary properties. If you get a sip from the creek and run around the chapel 7 times, your wish will be fulfilled. After a break for lunch, instead of going back the same way, we will follow a yellow track back to the hotel.

Day 8
After breakfast, check-out, transfer to the airport in Wroclaw. Transfer time: around 2 hours (dependent on traffic conditions).


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