The best combination of mountain hiking and staying at the palace.

This package includes 4 days of amazing walks in both Polish and Czech parts of Sudeten Mountains, and a 3-day stay in an exceptionally charming palace located in Jelenia Góra Valley. We have selected the best places to go mountain walking and trekking. Open spaces and vast valleys in the picturesque mountains are sure to provide many memorable impressions.There’s no better way to experience that exceptional feeling familiar to all mountain lovers and hikers − pleasant tiredness combined with complete peace of mind.

The trails lead through some of the most interesting places. It is not crowded here, hence you can admire the scenery in peace and enjoy the fresh and clean air. Apart from this, each day during the trekking we will see examples of the common culture and history of Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany because Sudetes is the place where these three countries meet. First day - we will meet the source of the Elbe river – one of greatest rivers in Europe which starts in Sudetes, flows through the Czech Republic, then Germany and ends in the North Sea. Second day - we we will visit the temple Wang – built in the twelfth century in Norway. In 1841 it was dismantled and  moved to Berlin until finally finding its place in our mountains in 1842. So now we have a prime example of wooden Norwegian sacral architecture in the middle of the Sudetes Mountains. Third day we will go to Saint Anna’s Chapel located in the middle of the wood.

After 4 trekking days we get an approximately 1 hour deluxe coach trip to the palace located in Jelenia Góra Valley at the bottom of Sudetes Mountains. In many villages situated at the foot of the Sudetes and in Jelenia Góra Valley there is at least one palace or castle. Each village has its own longer or shorter story. For hundreds of years as a result of wars, conflicts and politics, villages were located either in Poland or Germany or Czech Republic. Each village was also owned by a local ruler or belonged to the prince's property, and therefore it had to be a suitable residence. Most of them are restored and operates today as luxury hotels.


Trip info

Destination: Sudetes Mountains (Poland & Czech Republic)
Best time: June, July, August, September, October
Duration: 8 days
Profile: hikes into the higher and lower parts of the mountains. 6-8 hours of activities per day including meal breaks and rest. Staying and visiting palaces and a landscape park.
Activity level: easy to moderate. Routes vary – sometimes ascending and descending; located at 600-1600. meters above sea level. Generally good paths but some rocky, stony terrain. We can adjust the activity level according to the wishes/skills of the participants.
Accommodation: Twin/DBL rooms in the palace.
Board: HB (other board type on request)
Group size: 2 – 10 people
Clothing: in addition to the usual holiday clothing you must take: sports footwear with thick soles, trekking boots, comfortable clothing, wind and rain resistant jacket, warm jumper or sweater and, just in case, hat and gloves, sun glasses. Trekking poles would be very helpful.


Day 1
Arrival at Wrocław where our representative will greet you; transfer to the hotel located in a mountain town on the Polish side of the Sudetes Mountains; check-in; welcome and info meeting, free time. Transfer time approximately 1hour.
Day 2
Trek from Szklarska Poreba to Spindlerovy Mlyn – charming Czech mountain town.
Total trek time: 8-9 hrs including meal breaks and rest.
Altitude: starting point – 720m, highest point – 1460m, final point – 650m.
Overall route length: 18km.
After breakfast trek directly from the hotel on trail which leads through picturesque forests, traverses, cirques and we reach the main ridge . After ascent stop for rest on the main ridge. Crossing the border to Czech Republic and walk to the source of the Elba river (one of the greatest rivers in Europe); walk down through Labsky Dul to Spindlerovy Mlyn (a well known, charming mountain town), on the way beautiful panoramic views, waterfalls, amazing rock formations. Check in, dinner, info meeting.
Day 3
Trek from Spindlerovy Mlyn to Karpacz
Total time: 7hrs including meal breaks and rest.
Altitude: starting point - 650m, highest point - 1422m, final point - 830m.
Total ascent: 1100m.
Overall route length: 14km
After breakfast we get blue trail and ascent on slope of Bila Laba Dul (White Elbe Valley). Next we merge Old Bucharova path and reach mountain hostel Lucni Bouda. Time for rest and lunch. Here you can enjoy fantastic panoramic views and open spaces. Then walk to Rownia pod Sniezką. Trek above Maly and Wielki Staw (mountain ponds); then a smooth descent to border of Karpacz – a beautiful mountain town. Stop at the twelfth century Lutheran temple Wang. After rest and temple visit (optional) we walk down to hotel. Check in, dinner, info meeting, free time.
Day 4
Trek on to Sniezka Peak
Total walk time: 8hrs including meal breaks and rest.
Altitude: starting point – 650m, highest point 1602m, final point – 650m.
Overall route length: 16km.
After breakfast, direct from hotel, we get red trail which leads onto the peak Sniezka. First stage is a gentle ascent on forest route. After about one hour we reach mountain lodge Nad Lomniczka. Then we gently descend to the bottom of the Lomniczka Cirque. Once we pass the creek, we start a steep climb onto main ridge. On the ridge there is another mountain hut and viewer point so we can get a rest before last stage of the climb on the highest peak Sniezka. After reaching the top and rest, we go to back to hotel in Karpacz getting completely different route through Maly Staw Cirque.
Day 5
Walk from the hotel to Saint Anna’s Chapel and Good Spring.
Coach trip to Palace locatet in Jelenia Góra Valley
Total walking time: 5 hrs. including meal breaks and rest.
Altitude: starting point – 650 m, final point – 520 m.
Overall route length: 7 km.
After breakfast we take a green and then a red trail, which lead through a hilly area, to a chapel located in the middle of a forest. There is a beautiful viewpoint there, and under the chapel, there is a source of a mountain creek. Legend has it that its waters have extraordinary properties. If you get a sip and run around the chapel 7 times, your wish will be fulfilled. There we will have some time for lunch as well. After that we take a short walk to a car park, where we get on a deluxe coach. We should reach our palace in around 1 hrs. After checking in, we will rest and have dinner in the hotel. Evening walk around the park.
Day 6
Visiting palaces & castles located in Jelenia Góra Valley and Rudawski Landscape Park.
Day 7
Visiting palaces & castles located in Jelenia Góra Valley and Rudawski Landscape Park.
Day 8
After breakfast, check-out, transfer to the airport. Transfer time: 2 hours (depends on traffic conditions).



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Included in the price
Transfers from and to the airport, local transportation, assistance of our representative from arrival to departure, mountain guiding service during trek, luggage transport during trekking, accommodation in DBL/TWIN rooms in 3/4 star hotel, half - board, mineral water/snacks during treks, medical expenses and accident insurance, entry fees to National Park.

Prices and trip details
The final price depends on the number of participants, exchange rates, current services costs and selected elements included in the entire programme. Transfers and activities times given in the programs are estimated and depend on the weather and the conditions on routes and trails. Full trip details and the final price can be found in the individual and final trip dossier.

Financially protection
According to Polish Law and the Travel Services Act, the Wanderer company is fully covered by insurance. This guarantees that your holiday would be financially protected in the event of a company failure.

Insurance warranty: M524597

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